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Events for Students at Princeton University Concerts

Hosted by the Student Ambassadors of PUC

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All student ticketholders are welcome at these regular events (below) and special offerings throughout the year!

Undergraduates and grad students dine together with members of the Calidore String Quartet

Tea Games: Held throughout the year

Want a break from pre-games? Come to tea-games, where you can enjoy tea & treats while listening to some baller chamber music recordings, Downton Abbey style. 

Brownies and hot chocolate at intermission after Igor Levit performed Beethoven's "Tempest" Sonata

"Internoshin'" Meet-Ups: At intermission during every Concert Classics Series (Thursdays at 8pm) performance

Join the SA's for FREE, student-only drink-and-dessert-filled internoshin' in the Richardson Lounge! Fortify yourself for the second half of the concert, meet other students attending, and freak out about how awesome the concert is together.

Ming Wilson '18 and David Ting '17, about to meet David Greilsammer after his December, 2016 performance

*New* Dorm Concerts: Details TBA

This is a planned new adventure, TBA, but you can totally start getting excited now.