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Gallinactus Renaissance Vocal Ensemble to Launch New PUC125 Series

September 15, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


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It’s the epitome of music without bounds: an hour of music reaching from Ancient Greece to modern-day Princeton, channeled through the pure sound of an internationally beloved vocal ensemble, and shared with an audience who will sit alongside the performers. On Sunday, October 11th at 2PM and 4:30PM in Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall, Princeton University Concerts will present two performances by the Gallicantus Renaissance Vocal Ensemble to unveil the new series PUC125: Performances Up Close. In a program titled “Songs of the Sybil,” Gallicantus will offer the only existing complete setting of the twelve Sibylline prophecies as composed by Orlande de Lassus, paired with works by the celebrated “Sibyl of the Rhine” Hildegard von Bingen, as well as new compositions by Princeton professors Dan Trueman and Dmitri Tymoczko.

With a few exceptions, there is seldom anything “classical” about Classical Music—especially these days, when the freshness and creativity of modern programming and interpretation renders this musical genre anything but antiquated and conventional. Yet Gallicantus manages to appropriate the term “classical” in a remarkably updated, apt way. Their program not only reaches back to the Sibyls of Classical Greece—prophetesses whom the ancients believed to have been oracles—through the only complete setting of their prophecies by celebrated Renaissance composer Lassus, but also manages to transform the classical into the present and future. During their sold-out visit to Princeton last season, Gallicantus commissioned Princeton University graduate faculty to create new musical settings of the Sybils’ prophecies. The result? Come hear Professor Dan Trueman’s transformation of these texts into Irish Gaelic, and Professor Dmitri Tymoczko’s imagining what the Sybil of Baltimore, Detroit, and other U.S. cities might have to say about the state of our country today.

Such re-imagination of the “classical” will be at the core of this event—from its program, to the brand-new format in which the concert will be presented. Princeton University Concerts has entirely reconceived the concert-going experience through PUC125. At each of the only one-hour-long events in this series, audience members will have a choice of two performance times in which to experience this event, ticket prices are remarkably low to facilitate accessibility, and best of all: the concert will take place in-the-round, enabling the audience to surround and interact with the performers on the stage. The Richardson stage, too, will be transformed through a special installation created exclusively for the PUC125 series by acclaimed local artist Marsha Levin-Rojer. Most importantly, the music will also undoubtedly be transformed through such a unique setting. As Princeton’s own Gabriel Crouch, director of Gallicantus, confirms: “The Lassus setting is one of the most adventurous and peculiar pieces written in the Renaissance, and it has an extraordinarily intimate feeling. This is not music of display at all. It is wildly esoteric music for its time; it’s the sort of thing that benefits being viewed up close. It’s music to be in the middle of.” And that is precisely what this concert will enable you to do.

GALLICANTUS, Renaissance Vocal Ensemble

WHEN:                  Sunday, October 11, 2015 at 2PM & 4:30PM
WHAT:                 “Songs of the Sybil,” a one-hour concert presented in-the-round, comprising works by Orlande de Lassus, Hildegard von Bingen, and Princeton professors Dan Trueman and Dmitri Tymoczko

WHERE:               Princeton University Concerts, Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall, Princeton University
TICKETS:            $25 General; $10 Students. Tickets are available online at, by phone at 609-258-9220, or in person two hours prior to the concert at the Richardson Auditorium Box Office. Seating is limited.  
PHOTOS:            Please contact Dasha Koltunyuk at or 609-258-6024

For further information please contact Dasha Koltunyuk at or 609-258-6024

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