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Calidore Quartet Returns to Princeton University Concerts For the New PUC125 Series

September 30, 2015

Having just shared the stage with the Emerson String Quartet on the gala opening night of the Princeton University Concerts season, the youthful Calidore String Quartet now invites the audience to share the stage with them when they return on Tuesday, October 27th at 6PM and 9PM to Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall, as part of the new PUC125: Performances Up Close series. This quartet will offer a one-hour-long program titled “Composer’s Last Words,” performing the last quartets written by Mozart and Mendelssohn; Princeton University Concerts will offer listeners the opportunity to sit on the Richardson Stage around, and interacting with, the musicians; acclaimed local visual artist Marsha Levin-Rojer will offer a remarkable, new installation showcased in the hall, adding even more sparkle to the evening’s excitement. Given the unique nature of the event, patrons are urged to buy tickets soon: seating is limited.

Certainly, the structure of the special PUC125 series will enable audience members to get “up close” to the music to a remarkable extent. But the Calidores take this notion even further. The musicians’ youth brings out the program’s poignant theme all the more.  Although they have already won grand prizes in virtually all the major U.S. chamber music competitions and have captured top prizes throughout Europe, the members of the Calidore String Quartet are all still in their twenties. In other words, they are only a few years short of the age at which both Mozart and Mendelssohn met their untimely deaths. A program consisting of a composer’s final works often accentuates the end of a life, while the Calidores will instead draw attention to the youth imbedded in masterpieces we now hold as sacrosanct, breathing new life into these beloved works.

The PUC125 concerts strive to dissolve any impediments to the concert-going experience—replacing the traditional with the unexpected, the formal with the casual, the privileged with the accessible, and the distant with the close-up. In rethinking the dynamics between performer and audience, the series hopes to shape an even brighter future for classical music and invites the community at large to become a part of this conversation, ensuring that there’s no such thing as a composer’s “last” words.

WHEN:  Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at 6PM & 9PM
WHAT: "Composer's Last Words," Part One: the last quartets written by Mendelssohn and Mozart before their untimely deaths. A one-hour concert offered with the audience sitting on stage in-the-round, as part of Princeton University Concerts’ new series, PUC125: Performances Up Close
WHERE: Princeton University Concerts, Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall, Princeton University
TICKETS: $25 General; $10 Students. Tickets are available online at, by phone at 609-258-9220, or in person two hours prior to the concert at the Richardson Auditorium Box Office. Seating is limited
PHOTOS: Please contact Dasha Koltunyuk at or 609-258-6024

For further information please contact Dasha Koltunyuk at or 609-258-6024

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