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MEET THE MUSIC - “A Trilling Event” Photo
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MEET THE MUSIC - “A Trilling Event”

Saturday, November 16, 2013, 1:00 PM recommended for kids ages 6-12 and their families Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall

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"A TRILLING EVENT" - A wacky private ear, Inspector Pulse, must determine the identity of a highly ornamented tune for a desperate client.  The tune has a familiar ring, but it is so full of trills, trinkets, and decorative doodads that the Inspector must investigate all the ways a melody can be embellished in order to solve the mystery.  Featuring music of Telemann, Handel, Bach, and more

This concert is part of a new set of concerts for kids ages 6-12 and their families.


BRUCE ADOLPHE, Inspector Pulse
YING FANG, Soprano

HANDEL "Sweet Bird" for Soprano, Flute, and Continuo from L'Allegro, il Pensieroso ed it Moderato
RAMEAU Pieces de Clavecin
BACH Sonata in G Major for Viola da gamba and Keyboard, BWV 1027
TELEMANN Trio Sonata No. 3 in G Major for Flute, Violin, and Continuo, TWV 42
ROSSINI Partir o ciel, desio! from Il Viaggio a Reims
RAVEL Tzigane, rapsodie de concert for Violin and Piano

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About the Artist

Your youngster's life-long love of music will begin the moment he or she "meets the music" in person in Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall.  Kids ages six and up embrace the joys of classical chamber music in this renowned program of The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, hosted by composer Bruce Adolphe, Director of Family Programs at CMSLC.  A 21st Century embodiment of composer/educator Leonard Bernstein and comedian/performer Victor Borge, Adolphe makes the discovery -- or rediscovery -- of chamber music a hoot for the whole family.

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Come Meet The Music at Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall on November 16, 2013 at 1pm

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“A trilling event!”