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TALK BACK: Julien Labro and Friends

Apr 15, 2016 | By Princeton University Concerts,
TALK BACK: Julien Labro and Friends,

Our PUC125:Performances Up Close series has come to an end for the season.  Were you there?  Have you ever heard a live accordion recital?  Or accordion with jazz? Many people asked us to know more about the musicians who played this concert.  We will compile more information and send it to you but, for now, you can visit Julien Labro's website or pianist's Gregg Kallor's website. And, please let us know what you thought of the concerts.  Or what you thought of any of the PUC125 series.  As always, we want to know more.  We have announced our complete 16-17 season, and it can be viewed here.  Tickets for PUC125 won't go on sale until the fall...unles you are a full subscriber.  Thanks to everyone for sharing thoughts! 

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