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TALK BACK: Isabelle Faust

Nov 17, 2015 | By Princeton University Concerts,
TALK BACK: Isabelle Faust,

Our season is dotted with "up close" experiences.  With our new series, PUC125, and now the addition of a new experience in the Princeton Unviersity Chapel, we have endeavored to take down many of the barriers between performer and audience.  Did you hear Isabelle Faust in the chapel, play the entire cycle of Bach's Sonatas and Partitias?  Please tell us something about you experience.  Was this the first time you heard the pieces in one concert?  What did you think about the chapel as an "up close" venue.  And how about Isabelle Faust? 

Please use our comment section below, to share your thoughts.  And, if you liked this concert, consider coming back to hear pianist Alexander Melnikov play all of the Shostakovich Preludes and Fugues.  We think there something special about immersing oneself in one composer's journey.  We hope you do too.


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