Princeton University Concerts

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The first concert in what is known today as Princeton University Concerts was presented on October 29, 1894, thus establishing one of the oldest continuous series of musical events in the country.  From 1894 to 1914, the “Ladies Musical Committee” presented concerts by the Kneisel Quartet.  After 1914, the programs diversified.  In 1929, the Ladies Committee became the Princeton University Concerts Committee—a town and gown group of interested and knowledgeable music lovers—which has guided the University Concerts to date.

Princeton University Concerts Committee

2018-2019 Season

  • Michael Gehret, Chair
  • Scott Burnham
  • Gabriel Crouch
  • Ellis Finger
  • Christine Gage
  • Brandon Gaines
  • Wendy Heller
  • John Hoffmeyer '19
  • Gail Kohn
  • Marcia Snowden
  • Don Michael Randel
  • William Stowe
  • Dorothea von Moltke
  • Marue Walizer